Our clientele

  • aines-accueil

    Seniors aged 65 and up who experience a loss of autonomy, whether age-related or not.

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  • proches-accueil

    Caregivers of seniors 65 years and up experiencing a loss of autonomy or with a disease affecting their physical and/or cognitive abilities.

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  • deficience-accueil
    Intellectual disabilities

    People 18 years and older with intellectual disabilities and/or pervasive developmental disorders.

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Vaudreuil-Soulanges Parrainage Civique

Parrainage Civique is based on a commitment to supportive care and attention, listening, support, awareness-raising and social transformation. The concept is part of a much wider approach to community integration through valorizing the social role of those with disabilities. It is a support program provided by volunteers through person-to-person relationships with those who are marginalized on account of differences relating to their abilities, health or age.


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